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Monthly Archives: November 2011

10 Foods to Boost Your Energy Levels

To function properly, we all need energy. Our fuel comes from the food we eat, but not all foods are energy rich sources of energy.

Energy balance is very important for your health, your emotional state and your life activities and work. Fatigue, lethargy and depression occur due to deficient energy in the body and low blood sugar levels. Excess energy intake, on the other hand will cause overweight and it’s associated problems.

Super Health Sprays Vitamin C + Zinc Antioxiant spray

superhealth sprays Vitamin C Plus Zinc

Health sprays from superhealth sprays a great and easy way to get you dosage of Vitamin C + Zinc in 8 sprays per day.  Our Vitamin C + Zinc sprays contain powerful antioxidants supporting the immune system’s response to viruses; reduce cholesterol; combat against skin and hair problems; manage the breakdown of proteins and carbs.

What are Free Radicals..?

Free radicals, also known simply as radicals, are organic molecules responsible for aging, tissue damage, and possibly some diseases. These molecules are very unstable, therefore they look to bond with other molecules, destroying their health and further continuing the damaging process. Antioxidants, present in many foods, are molecules that prevent free radicals from harming healthy tissue.

What antioxidants are good for ….

The term antioxidant is used often when discussing nutrition, however the function that antioxidants play in our bodies is a complex chemical process.  In simple terms, antioxidants slow down the rate of a type of chemical reaction called oxidation.  Most oxidation ractions inside the body are harmful.  Antioxidants perform this function by combining with and blocking a class of chemicals known asfree radicals. 

Why Take a Mineral Supplements?

Your parents probably reminded you to take your vitamins, but I doubt that anybody ever mentioned minerals. Vitamins are sometimes expected to do more than they are capable. Our bodies can go far longer suffering with a deficiency of vitamins than they can with a deficiency of minerals. Did you know all the vitamins in the world would do us little good without minerals? The minerals in our bodies are so important that the body goes to complicated, even desperate lengths to maintain their balance. A lack of minerals inhibits detoxification. Also, proper breathing depends on minerals. Mental and physical ability depend on minerals. Heart and blood pressure stabilisation is directly related to minerals. Scientists theorise that mineral deficiency subjects us to more diseases, aging, sickness and destruction of our physical well-being than any other factor in personal health.

Foods that Affect the Gallbladder

Eathing for Gallbladder health

The gallbladder is a small organ located in the upper right section of the abdomen.  The gallbladder lies between the liver and small intestines and is connected to both by ducts.  The purpose of the gallbladder is to collect bile which is produced in the liver and supply the bile to the small intestines.  The bile is then used to digest fat in the small intestines.  While the gallbladder is frequently removed by doctors at the first sign of trouble,

Moderate alcohol consumption ‘could improve heart health’

Heart Health and Alcohol

Moderate consumption of alcohol can be good for the heart, according to one expert. A spokesperson from HEART UK, the cholesterol charity, suggested that drinking one to three units of alcohol per day could help to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Linda Main, registered dietician and nutritionist at the organisation, said: “Alcohol increases the level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in the blood, a form of good cholesterol.”

Best protein foods for vegetarians

Source for vegetarion food

It is necessary to define the term vegetarian before beginning to talk about foods that are high in protein for a vegetarian diet plan.  Vegetarian is a term used to describe a person that does not eat animals, while a vegan is someone who does not eat any food derived from animals.  The difference between the two mainly involves dairy products and eggs, which a vegetarian diet includes, but a vegan diet disallows.  Even among vegetarians, eggs are debatable, and some vegetarians who drink milk and eat cheese will avoid eggs. 

New Proargi-9 Active sports Supplement

Like the other members of the ProArgi-9+ family, Active helps support your heart health. What makes the Active formula different is its targeted approach to physical activity. ProArgi-9+ Active is specifically designed to enhance physical activity by combining l-arginine with the energy-producing properties of quercetin. Active also includes the benefits of vitamins B6 and B12, folic acid, and D-ribose. This is truly a complete formula to enhance your heart health and activity.

Sources of Vitamin D3

Superhealth Sprays vitamin-d3-sources

Vitamin D3is created through exposure of your skin to the sun, but due to most of us working indoors, recommendations to avoid the sun and use of sun block, most people have deficiencies. Through 15 to 20 minutes of sun exposure daily, the body creates 10,000 to 20,000 IUs of Vitamin D3. Deficiency can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, depression and psoriasis. If you are staying out of the sun, try these foods to keep your body healthy:

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