Coenzyme Q10: Advantage of Ubiquinol in Heart Failure Cases

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is vitamin-like substance which is vital for your heart health – the highest concentration of this essential nutrient is in your heart. Dr Peter Langsjoen has been treating thousands of heart failure patients with supplemental CoQ10 over last 24 years. Before this, he noticed that patients with advanced congestive heart failure had the lowest plasma CoQ10 levels. He also observed that daily administration of 450 mg of Ubiquinol (the reduced or active form of CoQ10) to his patients led to better results than that of treating them with 450 mg of Ubiquinone (the inactive from). Eventually, with Ubiquinol supplements his patients got their plasma CoQ10 level elevated up to 8.5 mcg/mL while

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