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Alkaline Water from Tap

The significant body of evidence led many researches and diet specialists to conclude that many types of disease thrive in an acidic environment gradually developed over the years inside of human body . It was also uncovered that by following a more alkaline based diet, people can significantly improve their overall health and boost their energy levels.

So, the modern food scientists say that the right path to your ultimate well-being is also defined by whether you can reduce levels of acidity in organs tissues and maintain alkaline environment inside our body. The level of acidity is defined by the border level of 7.2 pH – the neutral level or the natural balance needed for your blood to function. Above this level the environment turns into alkaline and below into acidic one. In addition to diet and supplements the proven method to increase alkalinity in your body and trigger self-detox in your cells is to take daily “living” (alkaline) water.

The “living” water has high pH levels 9-12, so by making it part of your daily diet in encourages your ‘inner pharmacy’ to restore its natural balance. The “living” water increases absorption of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, helps quickly heal the wounds, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers, bedsores, trophic ulcers and burns. Thanks to a special softness the “living” water well softens the skin and makes hair silky.

Both types of the water (alkaline and acidic) can be made at home with Santia Ionizer Water System (aka Kangen System). Santia Ionizer is able to clean and activate water from tap to levels of pH you need. Just choose the right settings. The system can also produce acidic water which can be used as antiseptic for washing fruits and vegetables as well as surface, plates and cutlery.

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