CoQ10 – an alternative treatment for cancer

Interest in coenzyme Q10 as a possible treatment for cancer began in 1961, when it was found that some cancer patients had a lower than normal amount of it in their blood. Cancer is both the result and a significant cause of free-radical damage related to inflammation. (more…)

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CoQ10 Ubiquinol is fuel for your heart

We generally consider food as the fuel that gives us energy but it may be also worth looking at one advanced nutrition that fuels our everyday functions at both the cell and molecular levels. Each time your muscles contract, your body use ATP – energy molecules in your cells. If you decided to make push ups in a row, say a hundred, you will soon reach the point when you will not be able to make another single one – a condition called burn out. This means that at this point you have exhausted your ATPs which are generated in your cell with help of coenzyme CoQ10 – a kind of fuel for ATPs.

The most important muscle in your body is heart which is the largest consumer of the non-oxidised form of coenzyme CoQ10 called Ubuquinol. Heart also stores Ubiquinol as a bank account your money. Our body can naturally produce CoQ10 but around age of 40 production of this biochemical is drastically go down and our aging process accelerates. It addition, the people taking cholesterol lowering medication – statins drug- suffer the most because depletion of CoQ10 by these drugs. Many doctors recommend a Ubiquinol supplement when they prescribe a cholesterol in order to reduce harm by this medication to their patients CoQ10 reserves. (more…)

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