Noni is a commonly used name for Morinda Citrifolia which is a small evergreen tree that grows throughout the tropical areas of the Pacific Ocean. Polynesian people have long used Morinda Citrifolia for a wide range of traditional remedies to relieve diarrhea, urinary problems and infections as well as a topical preparation for joint pain, wounds and various skin conditions.

According to Dr. Ralph Heinickie who found out that Morinda Citrifolia fruit is a rich resource of large molecules called ‘Proxeronine’ (Pro-zair-o-neen), and Dr. Ray Sahelian, a physician who specialises in natural supplements, Noni can stimulate the immune system and be effective for treating chronic fatigue syndrome and many other diseases of age from arthritis, cancer and diabetes to strokes, heart failure and Alzheimers.

Noni as a Blood Pressure Stabilizer

Noni is rich in nitrates and nitrites which can be converted to Nitric Oxide therefore it is very beneficial for people with poor cardiovascular conditions, including severe atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. Nitric oxide was proven by the 1998 Nobel Prize winning science in Medicine to be a signalling molecule in the cardiovascular system, making blood vessels dilate.

Noni as a Cancer Inhibitor

According to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Noni is effective as a ‘Cancer Inhibitor’. Noni’s effect on cancer most likely deals with the fact that both Noni and cancer work on a cellular level and as it was observed, the injection of significantly inhabited the RAS cells from reproducing. Proxeronine and Damnacanthal are substances within Morinda Citrifolia that are believed to be anti-cancer agents.

NONI as a Powerful Antioxidant

Noni contains all the vitamins, rich in beta-carotenes, abundant source of trace minerals, flavonoids, besides 150 + other most beneficial micronutrients. Noni has the most powerful antioxidant properties which prevent a free radical from forming and protect our vital organs from deadly attack of free radicals.

Noni as a De-toxifier

Our cells are made up of micro-particles such as neutrons, protons, cytoplasm, golgi bodies, which can interact with many types of toxins and pollutants going into our body because our chemically polluted environment. They form multiple layers around the cells walls that leads to the closure or shrinking of the ‘pores’ of the cell walls. Consequently, the inter-cellular communication is prevented, the cells are damaged and they forget their purposes, they neither do their regular functions correctly nor efficiently. Noni removes the toxic layers on the cell walls and enlarges the pores of the cell walls that allows for larger chains of peptides (amino acids or proteins) to be admitted into the cell and to feed us better.

Noni works as a Protein Regulator and Activator

Dr. Ralph Heinickie found out that Morinda citrifolia fruit is a rich resource of large molecules called Proxeronine, which combines with enzymes in the body to form an essential substance known as Xeronine (zair-o-neen). Xeronine combines with many vital proteins, acting as hormones, antibodies, and enzymes in the body that require Xeronine to function. Noni is alos believed to fortify and maintain cell structure. This can be accomplished by Noni acting as an adaptogen in cells repairing. This can be beneficial in case of diabetes. Noni has a very low glycolic index and hence it reduces the risks of chronic conditions of diabetics.

TechNoni oral sprays are the most convenient and effective way to deliver Noni nutrients directly in your blood stream. This allows to avoid any side effects Noni juice may case to your digestive tract and achieve the highest absorption of its ingredients.