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Benefits of Vitamin D for Healthy Bones

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Vitamin D is a hormone that helps regulate calcium levels – The body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium. Without enough vitamin D, one can’t form enough of the hormone calcitriol (known as the “active vitamin D”). This in turn leads to insufficient calcium absorption from the diet. In this situation, the body must take calcium from its stores in the skeleton, which weakens existing bone and prevents the formation of strong, new bone.

Vitamin D3 – Supplementation in a Spray

Vitamnin D3 sprays

There are many health benefits of Vitamin D but its not always possible to get your daily dose naturally from from sunshine or your daily diet. Vitamin D3 sprays from Super health Sprays are a great way to supplement your Vitamin D3 intake.

Supplement With The Right Kind of Vitamin D

Sun exposure is an easy, reliable way for most people to get their vitamin D requirements. Exposure of the hands, face, arms, and legs to sunlight two to three times a week for about one-fourth of the time it would take to develop a mild sunburn will cause the skin to produce enough vitamin D. (Exposure will vary with age, skin type, season, time of day).

Benefits of Vitamin and Mineral Sprays

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Vitamin and Minerals sprays from Super Health Sprays a great way to get your 5 a day the easy way. Benefits of our new sprays.

Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Fulvic Minerals

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